2004 Bay City River Roar

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2004 Bay City River Roar, Bay City, Michigan, 26-27 June, 2004..Frame 8:.Chris Fairchild (L, #62) and Terry Rinker (R,#10) come together during the inverted start for Saturday's 2 heat race. Both boats suffer a blowover, Fairchild's boat landing upside down in the river only to be run over by Todd Bowden. During Rinkers crash, his boat snagged a pier with the lower unit, ripping it away. The boat continued skyward, hitting the staircase from the lower to the upper pier and then striking a piling with the right rear of the hull, with that large chunk falling to the pier below (to be seen in a later picture. Rinker continued his backflip, finally landing just a few feet from a docked pleasure boat filled with spectators. No one was injured in the accident and both drivers made the restart in their backup boats...©F. Peirce Williams 2004..F. Peirce Williams .photography.P.O. Box 455 Eaton, Ohio 45320 USA.p: 317.358.7326 e: fpwp@mac.com.